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Allan’s P90X Results

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Checkout these P90X results.  The most exciting time to be a coach is always when I get to add a new member to the
TD Nation Hall of Fame.  Our newest member is Allan!  He crushed our last challenge
group and is still bringing it in our current one.  Here is Allan's progress pics,
stats, and story in his own words....


March 2013: 212 lbs, bf% 18%, waist (naval) 37", chest 39.5", thigh 25", biceps 15" 
June 2013: 182 lbs, bf% 11.5%, waist (naval) 32", chest 38", thigh 23", biceps 14.5" 

Since I started college, I've been steadily gaining weight over the years. 
Finally, I reached my highest weight of 230 lbs at 28% body fat. All of a sudden, 
several factors indicated to me that I was on my way to a place that I did not 
want to go. I knew that I had a choice to do nothing and end up obese with major
health problems or spend the time and effort to work on my health and fitness. 
I now get up at 5 am and bust my butt working out every morning and spend the day
making sure my nutrition is spot on. Is all the effort worth it? Absolutly. In 
this way, I'm working to set a good example for my son, wife, the rest of my 
family, my friends, and anyone else who comes across me or my story. I'm not done
yet, but every day I continue to improve so that I'll be around for my family for
as long as possible. 

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