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Another Challenge Group In the Books!

By on Jul 23, 2014 in Fitness | 0 comments

We are so incredibly blessed!  Every day TD Nation members get to wake up, open their Facebook accounts, and talk fitness and nutrition with thousands of other TD Nation members.  It's an incredible thing and I feel very blessed to be a part of such a supportive and motivational team.  There is nothing quite like watching someone go through a mental and physical transformation in 90 days and beyond.  What was once work is now fun.  What they used to call a diet has now become a lifestyle.  What used to be hard has become easy.  90 days used to seem like forever and now they can't believe it's already time for a new 90 day group.  They're exercising, eating healthy 85% of the time, eating more than they ever have, and their body fat is dropping.  All by working out and eating properly.  The best part is they have now corrected the path they were on and will be able to enjoy life and be around for their families without worrying about their health.  It's a beautiful thing!  

The Perfection Crew

This last Challenge group has concluded with 627 members but I have to give a special shout out to members of The Perfection Crew!  What's the Perfection Crew?  Well it's a group of the most determined people you will ever meet.  At the start of our 90 days I laid out a challenge to see who could eat perfect and not miss a workout for the entire 90 days.  Out of the 627 support group members 56 were brave enough to attempt the challenge and 11 actually completed it and earned their one of kind Perfection Crew Shirts!  


A special congrats to Michelle Taylor, Steve Little, Tyler Fullowka, Stephanie Roderick, Matt Allen, Ivy Baylen, Jill Hingston, Erin Munsel, Dave Tribley, Joey Burdick and Kim Langley for being the most determined members in TD Nation and earning your shirts!  Wear them with pride because you definitely earned it!

Special Shout Outs!  

Every challenge group our amazing team members trust the people who have been where they started and they prove time and time again that our nutrition plan works for everyone no matter what your body type.  Here are a few that stood out during our last challenge

Stephanie Roderick - down 117 lbs
Alani Greer                - down 40 lbs
Tyler Huhes              - down 46 lbs
Greg Langley            - down 106 lbs
Kim Langley             - down 80 lbs
David Lashbrook    - down 14 lbs
Joey Burdick             - down 55 lbs
Ivy Baylen                  - down 72 lbs
Scott Anderson         - down 14 lbs
Michelle Taylor        - down 15 lbs
Allan Terbush           - under 8% body fat
Sarah Vandever        - down 77 lbs
Tanya Wendt             - down 56 lbs
Matt Allen                  - down 22 lbs
Tyler Followka         - down 50 lbs  

Amazing job!  

There really is nothing like our fitness family or our challenge groups.  So much support, motivation, free workouts, and recipes.  Here is a highlight video from our last group.  It's not to late to join our current one.  If you're not in our current group I challenge you to just try it for a week.  I bet we get you to love working out and eating healthier!

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