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Big year already for Coach

By on Jan 13, 2012 in General, Motivation, News | 0 comments

January is not even halfway over and 2012 is already turning into one of the best years of my life.  All the hard work I have put in over the past 14 months is coming together and big things are happening not only in my personal life but also with my Beachbody business and with Team Determination!

Before I get into that I have to send a huge shout out to my coach Wayne Wyatt.  It was announced this month that Wayne was Coach of the Year for 2011!!!!  This recognition couldn’t go to a more deserving guy.  Wayne has taught me just about everything I know and has been a constant source of inspiration for me.  So congrats Wayne!  I’m honored to be one of your coaches and to call you my friend.

Well in addition to learning Wayne got coach of the year I got a call from Men’s Fitness Magazine earlier this week advising me that they wanted to use me as a success story and write an article on me!  I couldn’t believe it.  So for those of you that missed it here is the article

Click to read Men’s Fitness Article

Those two bits of news would have been exciting enough Tuesday I was contacted by Beachbody advising me that I had won $1000 in the Beachbody Challenge for my age group for the month of December!  Now I’m eligible to be a quarterly winner and potentially a $100,000 winner.



If January is any indication of how my year is going to go I’m in for quite a ride!  But I didn’t get here by just wishing things would change.  Or hoping something goes my way.  Or saying I’ll start getting healthy next week or next month.  I got here by taking responsibility for where I was and by committing to change rather then hoping for it.  I truly believe anyone can succeed in life but you have to pursue what you love and you have to be willing to work for it!

So get off your butt and join our Challenge group which starts January 16th!  Start taking steps now to change your life!  Let’s make 2012 the best year ever gang!!!!!! Click below to get an amazing deal including P90X and 1 month of Shakeology for $205.00!

Buy Challenge Pack

Once on the teambeachbody page, click “Take The Challenge,” enter your info, chose your workout and Shakeology, and follow the instructions. It will guide you through the entire process to get started.

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