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Year of the Beast!

By on Jun 25, 2014 in Fitness | 1 comment

In July I announced my big scary goal to the world via Facebook.  That goal is to enter and compete in the 2015 Beast Classic.  Why did I decided to enter the Beast Classic?  To inspire people who are where I started.  To show them that anything can be done and you don't need surgery, steroids, or magic weight loss pills.  I want to show everyone that you can do this from the comfort of your home with nothing more than proper nutrition and exercise.  Needless to say that inspired more people than I could have imagined! 

After writing that post I left the house to train a client.  When I came back I was shocked!  The outpouring of support was crazy! I had 48 private messages from people asking if they could join my group and the messages keep coming in.  I had no idea so many people were craving and needing this. Messages like this were coming in all night....

"It's really awesome (and also a bit ironic) that you announced your plan to be a part of next year's classic. I had this crazy idea of really dreaming big and making that a goal of mine as well (even mentioned it to my wife). I have much further to go than you and my nutrition has been inconsistent at best, BUT I have the passion & desire - with guidance and accountability..hmm Scariest thing I'll have ever tackled."

I honestly had no idea so many people were thinking about making this a goal.  So first thank you all so much! I have the best friends and support group ever! Secondly I have a lot of people not from my team asking to be a part of this. Initially I posted I was limiting this to my team but I had no idea this many people would be asking me to join so I can't turn my back on all of you.  I even had some true BEASTS message me and wanted to be a part of it so we all decided to team up and run this thing together!  

That's right The Year of the Beast will be ran by myself (Winner of the $1000 in the Beachbody Challenge, featured as a success story in Mens Fitness, and NASM Certified Personal Trainer), Wayne Wyatt (P90X2 Cast Member, can be seen in all P90X infomercials, and Beachbody's Top Coach in 2011 and 2012), Jeff Lennon (Can be seen in the Body Beast infomercial, competed in last years Beast Classic and should have finished in the top 10, and winner of $500 in the Beachbody Challenge), Chris Colborn (Top 10 finisher in this years Beast Classic and winner of $1000 in the Beachbody Challenge), Chet Nichols (Top 10 finisher in this years Beast Classic and winner of $5000 in the Beachbody Challenge), and David Jefferies (Winner of $500 in the Beachbody Challenge, all around Beast, and knows more about nutrition than all of us put together).  Where else are you going to get this kind of nutrition and fitness advice?  I'm telling you if you want constant motivation and have the desire to finally get RIPPED this is the group for you!  
Year of the Beast


Start Date

Phase 1:

Phase 1 is now complete!  Approximately 250 people made it through the first round!  Here is our kickoff call with the creator of Body Beast Sagi Kalev

Phase 2:

Phase 2 begins October 13th and we are opening the group back up for one week!  So if you want added you have until the 13th!  

This is a big commitment so don't take it lightly.  If you're joining this group I expect you are ready to stop the excuses.  I expect that you're not going to punk out after 2 weeks.  I expect that you're ready to track your nutrition, not miss workouts, and stay engaged every day.  I expect that you are finally tired of being tired and ready to change once and for all!  If not this group is not for you.  Groups that are 100% focused produce the best results and draw you together like nothing else.  The results from phase 1 prove that.  These guys and gals are crushing it!


  • You will do Body Beast  
  • You will take Shakeology every day. It’s the cornerstone of my nutrition and I completely believe it changes the game.
  • Follow my nutrition plan and tracking. We know what works here. We will be tracking everything.
  • Join and participate in the FB Challenge Group “The Year of the Beast”

It's really that simple.

It is the YEAR of the Beast, but I am only asking you to commit to 90 days for this phase. We will then go from there... but only after we crush the first 90! I have my eyes set on the Classic and I am pumped to get to do this with you guys.  I'm also extremely pumped that some of the fittest guys I know were thrilled to jump in and support me.  I'm looking forward to teaching you what I know and to learning from guys that have been there before me. I already pushed hard for 90 days and I am going to push HARD for the next 90 days.  I will be posting video logs with my thoughts about what I'm doing for nutrition, supplements, and how how my body is reacting to the workouts.  It's going to be EPIC!

This Year of the Beast challenge isn’t for everyone. In fact, it’s for a very few. It’s focused and targeted, and that’s on purpose! It’s an exclusive club whose only members will be people who agree to commit 100% to me and to do what me and the other guys leading this group say for the next 90 days. This is for people who need a kick in the rear and are ready to change their life. This won’t be easy, and it’s not like the typical relationship you’ve had with me where you ask me questions but are free to do what you want. This is strict. This is rigid. I will be walking right along side all of you who take the plunge and join the challenge. So don’t sign up unless you mean it!

Again before joining make sure the following is done

Once the above requirements are completed click below to join the awesomeness!  
Sign Me Up For Year Of The Beast!

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  1. Hey Guys, it’s Heather Bell. I placed in the to 10 both years in the Classic and am in the infomercial too. I am in my second year and 4th month of Beast. Do I have to be your downline to be a member of TD Nation and are women allowed in the group?



    Heather Bell

    October 7, 2014

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