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Insanity Asylum Strength Review

By on Apr 25, 2011 in General, Product Reviews, Workouts | 4 comments

Over the next couple of weeks I will be reviewing Beachbody’s latest workout program Insanity Asylum one disc at a time starting with the Strength DVD.  Asylum is a 30 day workout program designed to get athletes in peak physical condition before game day.  This is not a beginner program.  I would recommend that you have completed either P90X or Insanity before trying Asylum.  It comes with 6 workouts all designed to make you stronger, faster, more agile, and able to beat anyone in anything (click here to see description of all discs and what comes with Asylum)!

Disc 4 “Strength” has quickly become one of my all time favorite workoutsIf there was one complaint with Insanity it was that Insanity was mostly cardio and didn’t have any resistance training.  Most of us who need our resistance training combined P90X and Insanity into a hybrid because P90X lacked the cardio edge and Insanity lacked the resistance edge.  However put them together and you have one mean hybrid that will put you in the category of elite athlete.  My quick look into Asylum has me believing that Asylum will put you into whatever category is above elite athlete!  It really does look that good. 

Before doing the Strength workout I expected lots of pull-ups and some old fashion hardcore weight lifting.  I have no idea why I expected this from Shaun T but I did.  I was wrong.  In Insanity the Strength DVD is cardio and core focused just as most of Shaun T’s workouts are but all while getting a serious burn to..well…every muscle you have.  Seriously you hit biceps, triceps, chest, shoulders, back, abs, core, and every leg muscle. 

When Shaun T works a muscle he doesn’t just have you doing a sissy pushup.  How about grabbing a dumbell, holding a curl, while doing a squat, into plank, then doing a pushup, then bringing each knee to your elbows, back to plank, 8 mountain climbers and back up.  One rotation of that would probably be enough but now do 8-10 of them and you will get a slight taste of what were talking about. 

How about bench press.  Well Shaun doesn’t just let you sit on the bench and press dumbbells to the sky…oh no.  How about doing dumbbell press while doing variations of crunches and leg lifts! Talk about core work!

Asylum is full of exercises I imagine professional athletes doing.  These are moves you would pay thousands of dollars for an elite trainer to teach you.  The thing that I really notice is the amount I sweat.  I have never had so much sweat poor from me.  Not even in the hardest cardio workout I have done (Insanity Max Circuit).  I had sweat burning my eyes, in my nose and pouring in my mouth.  Sexy I know LOL.  All this sweat can only mean great things. 

The best part about the workouts are that they are a BLAST to do!  They really do fly by.  You are thinking of so many things that you don’t realize how much work you’re doing.  The only bad part about this is that other workouts now seem mind numbing and I need my Insanity music to push me! 

I know you’re wanting numbers so here you go.  My average heart rate was 158 with a max of 186.  This is from a resistance workout…are you kidding me!  That should tell you something.  I’m 34 and these are numbers I hit in tough cardio workouts.  I burned 907 calories in 50 minutes!  I told you this was more than a resistance workout.  Now I must add that this workout is not going to build mass and I don’t believe its designed to.  You are burning way to many calories.  It is designed to get you shredded while building strength so you can throw harder, run faster, jump longer, and probably even swing a golf club faster.  It is amazing stuff for not only the high school or college athlete but also for a weekend warrior like myself just looking to kick someones but in a pickup game.  If the Strength DVD is any indication of whats to come I may be able to achieve my childhood dream of playing professional football after all LOL! 

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  1. Hi,
    I am not somebody whom one would call a “fit” person. I am overweight but would like to change that. Previously, I have done both Insanity and P90x programs halfway but was unable to finish due to being too busy. Not to mention having an inconsistent diet. Now I have one month before another busy period of my life starts and I was wondering whether I can do the Asylum to get in better shape before the month ends.


    April 17, 2012

    • Yes you can but it sounds like you’re making a lot of excuses. Everyone is busy. You have to make working out and eating right a number one priority but the excuse of being too busy just doesn’t fly on our team. Besides what happens when you lose weight and go back to the way things were? You will most likely gain the weight back. This has to be a life style change not a 30 day plan. You know what you have to do. Now it’s time to bring it!


      April 19, 2012

  2. will this program help me increase my vertical?


    October 6, 2012

    • absolutely!


      October 8, 2012

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