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Misti’s P90X2 Transformation

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Many of you who are friends with me on Facebook have seen my high school friend and our team member Misti’s transformation.  It is amazing and she completely rocked P90X2!  I’m proud to have her in our Hall of Fame.  Here are Misti’s results and her story in her own words.  Way to bring it girl!!!!

I have always enjoyed working out, I was active in high school and worked out through college and law school. After law school I moved to a small town for my job and where I didn’t know anyone. I ballooned from 140 to 190 pounds in about 2 years and was miserable. I felt like this was NOT me but I no longer had access to a gym as you do in school. I was no longer recognizable to myself. Normally a cheerful and upbeat person, I was depressed, overweight and painfully lonely. It breaks my heart to even think about how awful I felt inside and how there are other people in the same boat.

First I stopped drinking diet soda and lost 10 pounds in a month. Then I got a stationary bike and then a treadmill and started out at 15 minutes per day during the week, 30 minutes on weekends and/or doing Turbo Jam to stay interested and motivated. Believe it or not, walking the treadmill was exhausting for me at that time. You will understand why that is crazy when you keep reading.

I lost 50 more pounds in about 5 months and met my now husband! My weight has gone up and down 10- 20 pounds over the years since that time but I have continued to work out. A few years ago my now husband got P90X for us to do together. He quit after 3 workouts but I kept it up, even though he is 6.5 years younger than me! I couldn’t even do a pushup or a pullup when I started P90X! So, I started with the lean program and moved up to the regular schedule. When I started, I was doing pushups at an angle on the stairs just so I wasn’t standing there watching Tony and the gang doing pushups. I have continued to do P90X, improving with every round and with a little break here and there to do ChaLean Extreme or something different.

I had lost a little weight for our wedding in May 2011 but I was gaining it back by October. I really wanted P90X2 when I heard it was coming out and I got it for Christmas, 2011. Honestly, I have always just kind of taken the position of “I work out so I can eat what I want for the most part”. Within reason, of course. But I hadn’t been feeling very good and had noticed my energy level was lower so with P90X2 I decided, hmmm, maybe there is something to the nutrition thing.

I started paying attention to the P90X2 nutrition guide as well. I have lost, as of now 16 pounds. I weigh 6 pounds less than I weighed in high school and I was a dancer (and a prancer as Tony would say) back then! I ran my first 5k EVER a few weeks ago and received a medal for 1st place in my age group. I never ran before, even as a kid. I remember my mom put me in Swamp Fox Track when I was in Jr. High and I thought I was being tortured. Keep in mind that walking on a treadmill exhausted me in my 20’s. Now I’m 37 and looking for other 5ks thanks to P.A.P.!

I have also had scoliosis as a result of an injury that healed wrong in high school, which affects everything from my mid back to my knees. Working out can be pretty painful on my knees and lower back but since doing P90X2 I promise you my knee and back pain have been significantly reduced and my previously horrible posture is much better! Because of my physical issues, I have always worried that someday I would simply not be able to work out anymore. However since doing P90X2, I feel like there is no expiration date on my fitness! Also I never dreamed that I would have the muscle definition that I have now and I truly was in good shape before!

I am writing a lot more than Lance probably meant for me to but I truly believe fitness can change your life. I would work out even if I didn’t know that it was good for me and keeps me healthy (which should be reason enough for anyone!) just because of how great it makes me feel! As a stress reliever and confidence booster, I don’t know of anything better! I will also say that I have learned, albeit very stubbornly, that nutrition is extremely important to obtaining results and feeling your best!

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