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P90X2 Challenge!!!!

By on Dec 14, 2011 in General, News | 1 comment

The time to tear the roof off of your fitness is almost here!  Many of you have already started getting your P90X2 packages delivered and if you’re like me you can’t wait to see what it’s going to do to our bodies.

I’m excited to announce that our P90X2 Challenge will kick off on January 16th!  Trust me you won’t want to miss out on this.  It’s going to be EPIC!


Beachbody is looking for Success Stories to put in their P90X2 infomercial and I can promise you that there will be many from this group in the infomercial.  How can I promise that?  Because I know how we bring it!  I know what an amazing group of people you all are and I have seen the support you guys and gals give one another.  It’s amazing!

If you remember we teamed up with teamRIPPED for the Asylum Challenge several months ago trying to earn spots in that infomercial.  Well guess what….we got to see the commercial from Asylum and I count at least 5 people from our challenge that made the commercial spot!  In my humble opinion they should have just used the Asylum Legends video that Wayne Wyatt made from our video footage from that challenge.  It rocked! 

The X2 CREW:

Our group will be called the “X2 CREW”.  We will have a private Facebook Page dedicated to the P90X2 Challenge.  Motivation is never a problem with those who plug in.The X2 Crew will be a group unlike any other and people are already being added and getting fired up!

Join the X2 CREW Facebook Group!


Who is eligible to enter the Challenge?  Any of you who want to simply push yourself to new limits or tear the roof off of your fitness!  The P90X2 Challenge will be a reunion of sorts.  We will be joining teamRIPPED and Wayne Wyatt (one of the P90X2 cast members) and several of my Asylum Legend buddies and their teams so you know this is going to be huge.  Where else are you going to get to run through P90X2 with one of the cast members who is also going through it for the first time!

The only requirement to joining the “X2 Crew” is that you must obviously have a copy of P90X2 and you must be registered on our team.  Below are the links to do both if you haven’t already

Join Our Team!

Buy P90X2


What about the variable lengths of the phases?  How will that work in a challenge?  P90X2 is a whole new animal.  It’s set up in phases, and each phase is 3-6 weeks.  Some of us may want to (or need to) spend longer in certain phases and less time in others.  That’s the beauty of it.  We can!  However, we will still target a set 90 days for the challenge.  For example, if you want to spend longer on strength building (say 6 weeks), that’s fine, but you will need to know ahead of time that you will want to go with 3 weeks of foundation to allow for that extra time on the strength phase.  We can customize the length of time we each need in each phase, but we must all have the same start and stop date.  With the size of this group, there should always be several others doing the same exact workout as you at the same time, and overall we will all be in the same phases for much of the challenge.


The start date will be January 16th!  We are doing this for a couple of reasons.  One being we have a lot of people currently wrapping up other challenges.  The other reason is we don’t want anyone to miss out on this so we are giving everyone a chance to get their copy and any equipment needed before we start. 

Until then get on the X2 Crew, start meeting everyone, and start getting pumped for the biggest most epic challenge yet! 

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