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Prepare for Glory 2

By on May 15, 2013 in News | 0 comments

Get ready for the next weight loss challenge group!  If you have been slacking it’s time to get off your butt and shed some fat before summer.  Our current challenge group is absolutely rocking!  People are getting motivation from one another and pushing each other every day.  Lives are seriously being changed.  We even have a morning workout crew led by our Canadian brother Andrew who is texting everyone every morning to make sure they are up and at it.  Awesome stuff!  Last week the people that were local got together and I led them in a butt kicking workout.  It was a blast!  Don’t worry if you missed it I will be posting that this coming week



With this group in the last phase of their 90 days it’s time to fire up another group which will begin June 3rd!  As always we will have calls every week that are optional to attend.  It’s my way of being there for you guys so that you have access to me at least once a week to ask questions and get secrets and tips for an amazing 90 day transformation. 

If you join the group I will give you a nutrition plan and myself and the other TD Nation coaches will be there for you every step of the way.  So what are the requirements?

  1. You must be registered on a TD Nation Coaches team to participate.  It’s free to register so this must be done

That’s it!  No other requirements to join.  You can do any program you want.  If you want the best transformation possible though I strongly recommend a challenge pack which includes the Beachbody program of your choice and a 30 day supply of Shakeology.  Click here to see all the Challenge Packs we have available.  If you need help selecting the appropriate program for your fitness level just email me at rmlyell@aol.com or comment below.  We also have the new Body Beast Challenge Pack.  Just shoot me a message if you need the link to order that. 

In order to help give you all a little more incentive to finish and get healthy I will personally give you a free TD Nation shirt if you complete the 90 days and submit your results to our private group on Facebook!  So all you need to do is click below to register then click below to join the Facebook Challenge group.  It’s that simple! 

Join Team For Free! Join Challenge Group

TD Nation Shirts. These are not for sale and can only be earned by completing a challenge group

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