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Summer Slim Down Challenge!


If you're ready to get in shape before summer now is the time!  You really can't afford to put it off any longer.  Luckily I have the answer for you.....the TD Nation Summer Slim Down Challenge!  It's FREE to join, there is nothing to lose but weight, and there are tons of benefits... 

  • Free support and coaching
  • Free nutritional advice and guidance including custom nutrition plans
  • Others doing the same workouts as you on the same day
  • Questions answered immediately
  • Daily tips and hints to maximize your transformation!
  • Community.  Build life long friendships with like minded people from all over the world! TD Nation is now over 2000 members from all parts of the world. 
  • Weekly live broadcasts to motivate and educate you on health, fitness, and nutrition
  • Prizes!
  • Results!  Real people with real results.  No fad diets or photo shop here.  Just people changing their lives the healthy right way.  Here are a few of our success stories.......
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  • Steve weight loss success story
  • Morgan weight loss success story
  • Jill weight loss success story
  • Allan P90X Results
  • Theo's P90X results
  • Misti p90x2 results

3 Easy Steps to Join:

To get your custom nutrition plan and gain access to all our challenge groups have to offer you must first register on the team for free.  To do so click the button below then proceed to step 2

Join TD Nation

Once you have completed step 1 simply click the button below to join our Summer Slim Down Challenge!

You will be directed to our private Facebook group where I can coach you 1-on-1. We will develop a  nutrition plan that fits your individual needs and we will help you transform your body the healthy way! 

Join Summer Slim Down Challenge

This step is OPTIONAL but will ensure the best results.  If you do not have your own workout program I HIGHLY recommend purchasing a Challenge Pack which combines the workout program of your choice and a month of my #1 supplement Shakeology.  It will save you as much as $70! 

Just to be clear purchasing products from us is NOT a requirement to joining our Summer Slim Down Challenge.  Our number 1 goal is always to help you get results not sell you products but the products really work.  All the transformations you see above were achieved by combining a Beachbody workout program and Shakeology.  It's how I achieved my results.  If you're serious invest in yourself and do it the right way.  If you don't like the program or Shakeology for any reason you can return it and get a full refund.  There is nothing to lose.  

The programs take all the guess work out of which muscle group to work and when to work them.  It's like having a world class trainer in your living room for the price of 1 personal training session.  You just can't beat it!  

Shakeology takes the guess work out of your nutrition.  It ensures that at least once a day you're going to get everything you need including probiotics, prebiotics, adaptogens, and phytonutrients.  It's THE premium health shake made of whole foods not synthetic vitamins.  THIS IS NOT A PROTEIN SHAKE but it does happen to contain protein.  The protein, by the way, is the highest grade.  It's not that cheap soy protein isolate that most of you are putting in your body.  If you want to stop cravings, get regular, and increase your metabolism this is the way to do it!  

Combine a Beachbody program, Shakeology, our custom nutrition plan, and our support group and I guarantee you won't recognize yourself in 3 months! 

We have programs to fit EVERYONE.  If you're not sure what program is best for you send me an email at Lance@tdnation.com and I'm happy to help you select the right one.  

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