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Tony’s P90X Transformation

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Well TD Nation has turned out another incredible P90X transformation.  My good buddy from High School, Tony, crushed it using P90X and Shakeology!  I’m telling you Marion High School is going to have one of the healthiest 20 year reunions in the United States LOL.

Tony P90X Transformatioon

It’s funny to me that people still doubt the process.  Time after time, challenge after challenge, our system produces amazing results through proper nutrition and exercise.  It makes me laugh when people accuse me of steroids or say I have amazing genetics and it won’t work for them.  Sorry to disappoint gang but the only thing our team uses is Beachbody programs, Shakeology, and determination.  That’s all anyone needs.

I hear many people say they travel too much and use that as an excuse to not workout and eat healthy.  Well Tony just busted that excuse!  Tony has achieved his transformation while flying C-130’s all over the world for the Navy.  It’s pretty cool to see pics of him in our challenge groups doing P90X in Italy or other Countries around the world.

In addition to rocking P90X Tony decided to become a Beachbody Coach and has decided to pay it forward and help others.  Let me tell you he is doing just that.  I haven’t had a single coach build his business as fast as Tony.  He is an amazing coach, and like all the other coaches in TD Nation, he is dedicated to helping others with the expectation of nothing in return.

Here is Tony’s story in his own words:

My fitness journey story begins with me thinking I knew how to be fit and healthy.  I played baseball in college and was in pretty good shape.   After, college I joined the Navy to fly airplanes and my fitness became more along the lines of just “maintaining”.   The turn came when I started flying C-130’s and my flights would last around 8 hours.   During the flights, I allowed myself to eat unhealthy foods.  My snacks would be Mt. Dew and Doritos.  I would have up to 3 Mt. Dews a flight.   I would fly, eat horrible, land and eat more and then go to bed.  This repetitive routine had a compound effect to the point I would be so hooked on Mt. Dew; I would stop and buy it at the gas station daily.  I was wasting so much money!  I noticed a picture of myself at the pool.  My weight went from being around 200 lbs. to 215 lbs.  That following year, I had a PCS move (permanent change of station) to Italy.   I had been keeping tabs on a high school friend, Coach Lance Lyell.  I noticed he had done P90x with great results.  So, I began in June 2012 and I completed 95% of the workouts, but I did NOT use Shakeology.  I liked P90x and got some okay results.  Lance had sent me a Shakeology sample and I loved it.  This time instead of doing P90x my way, I figured do P90x Team Beach Body’s way and see what happens.  I got involved with a Challenge group, pushed play everyday with the P90x workouts and added Shakeology to my nutrition.

I went from wearing a 38-inch size pant to 34-inch pant.  I went from 215 my highest, to a healthy 187 lbs. – that’s 28 lbs. lost!   This was the first time I did not need to get measured for my military physical fitness assessment (PFA) and my sit-ups and push-ups for the PFA were a walk in the park.   All thanks to P90x and Shakeology.

While, I’m very appreciative for Lance’s example, I am grateful that Team Beach Body has assisted me to pursue a healthier lifestyle.  I understand now this is not just a 30/60/90 day challenge; this is a lifestyle change for as long as I live.  It’s a complete 180-degree turn away from of how I was living.   In addition, it’s also making a change so you can lead by example, starting with your children, family and friends and other people you encounter.   I desire to help people identify the trap of eating unhealthy foods, which leads to gaining excessive weight and ultimately to problematic medical issues.   Team Beach Body is leading the way to end this trend of obesity and that’s why I am a Team Beach Body Coach.

Thank you Team Beach Body!

If you would like to join Tony’s team click the link below

Make Tony your coach!



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